Limestone crushing plant in Laos
Category: In Asia
Author: kefidqgh
Time :04-01

Application: Concrete structure
Fineness: Fines up to 1 inch
Project Overview:
Product: DPC single stage Limestone crusher
Yield: 2500t / d
Material: Limestone
Manufacturer: KFD Co., Ltd.
Delivery date: October 2011

Limestone crushing plant in Laos

Project Background:
At present, for use more cement clinker crushing roller press, but the outer surface of the rollers wear, the wear and tear caused by the gap between the rolls to increase, then the particle size requirement can not be guaranteed, the use of the measurement gap and need regular maintenance, and the high cost of roller press, and can meet the production requirements but also to meet the particle size of the single-stage hammer crusher for cement plant has become the first choice of clinker crushing equipment.

The cement purchases from KFD single-stage hammer crusher, since the operation, not only to meet before grinding cement clinker crushing, and single-stage crushing, reducing equipment investment and operating costs, in addition, supporting large gold teeth crusher hammer crusher had a record 320 tons of cement clinker, life of up to 17 months of historical, truly low cost, low investment.


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