CS Cone Crusher Plant in Building Industry
Category: North America
Author: kefidqgh
Time :03-31

Application: Building Industry
Fineness: 0-30 mm

Compound Cone Crusher Description:

Cone crusher is widely used in metallurgy, construction, utilities, transportation , chemical industry , building materials, silicates and other industries. Can meet most of the second stage, the third stage crushing needs , whether fixed, movable trailers , compound cone crusher has a variety of models for customers to choose .

CS Cone Crusher Plant in Building Industry

Compound cone crusher works:

Cone Crusher in unbreakable or foreign body through the crushing chamber overload the machine for some reason , the spring safety system to achieve insurance, port of discharge increases, the foreign body is discharged from the crushing cavity , such as foreign body stuck in the row of ore can be used cavity clearing system , so that the drain mine continues to increase, the foreign body exclusion crushing chamber . Under the action of the spring , Pai mine mouth automatically reset the machine back to work.

Compound Cone Crusher Advantages and features:

First , chassis , beautiful appearance , high strength and durability.
Second , semi-automatic , hydraulic adjusting discharge opening can effectively control the sand, stone -grained , fast and convenient.
Third, the tooth plate filler free , easy to replace . Our company produces rolling acetabular wall and broken wall mounting surface is specially designed and dedicated machine precision.
Fourth , the special design of crushing chamber , greatly improving productivity.
Fifth , over iron protection, safe and reliable, automatic cavity clearing , rapid time-saving.
Sixth, the maze combined grease seal , dust effect.
Seventh, oil circulation cooling system in accordance with the actual situation of the majority of domestic customers and characteristics of the design. Temperature control system and pressure control system is easy to grasp and manipulate customers .
Eighth, bevel gears , strong stable.
Ninth, special formula and special process to produce copper sleeve durable, never cracking record, and some imported machines copper sleeve cracking ratio is very large.
Tenth , small size , light weight , reasonable structure, but also the company's one of the advantages cone machine .

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