150tph Iron ore grinding plant
Category: North America
Author: kefidqgh
Time :03-31

Application: Iron ore mine
Fineness: 100-325 mesh

First, iron ore is hard stones, but with basalt , granite is different inside it contains iron, so in addition to crushing system than there are iron selection process.

Then the selected device must consider the crushing and selection of iron procedures complement each other, play the best performance.

150tph Iron ore grinding plant

If you want to put the least cost to the final , to earn more profit , and that the election must pay attention to the device when the device 's advanced performance , because the device is proportional to the performance and profits . Although the price of high performance equipment will be higher , but the price and compared to the cost of equipment operation , much smaller, so be sure to choose high performance equipment, the only way to ensure the quality of the equipment in order to reduce maintenance, maintenance times , maintenance of equipment in order to reduce the burden caused by the loss of work , and ultimately to earn maximum profits.

In iron ore crushing system to choose , the first thought is that the choice of crushing equipment to ensure broken out of the material is conducive to selected iron .

Should not be taken to achieve optimum crushing jaw broken hammer to break , because this will cause the loss of iron , and will greatly increase equipment operating costs , especially for hammer to break the wear is very serious. Sometimes three days will change once the hammer .

The best solution is : Coarse Fine Jaw Crusher Jaw Crusher crushing machine . This reduces the loss of iron , but also in the production of wear and tear on equipment level will be greatly reduced .

From the data analysis point of view :

Coarse jaw broken out of the material is 80mm or less, fine jaw broken out of the material is less than 30mm ,

For this hard ore , from coarse jaw broken out of the material directly into the small hammer to break , obvious wear on the hammer broke relatively large. But also result in the consumption of huge hammer breaking electricity costs .

If less than 80mm thin jaw broken stone before entering into the crushing machine , not only does not cause loss of iron , and will greatly reduce equipment operating costs , the final calculation is that these programs save money , peace of mind , earn more .

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