Limestone Production line in Colombia
Category: Latin America
Author: kefidqgh
Time :03-31

Application: limestone
Fineness: 500mesh

Traditional limestone crushing system to use two or a broken. After mining limestone from the first into the KFD crusher for a break, and then transported by belt conveyor to the hammer crusher for secondary crushing, or by a PF1010 impact crusher for a broken backward depot for production use. Such crushed limestone particle size differences between the small particle size of 10 mm below the large particle size of up to 30-40 mm in size because of uneven, often affect the raw mill table and increase the yield. grinding the same time, the common ground large particles of limestone difficult, thrown from the end mill.

Limestone Production line in Colombia

According to experiences, can open KFD mill's production increased by 20 percent, electricity consumption decreased by 3-5%. The general design of the dawn limestone crusher surplus production of more large particles will not be repeated pulverized limestone affecting its normal operation.


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