Nigeria over South Africa to become the largest cement producer in Sub-Saharan Africa
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Author: Lee
Time :12-26

According to local media reports in Nigeria, research data shows that in 2013, cement production in Nigeria over South Africa to become the largest cement producer in sub-Saharan Africa. And is after Egypt and Saudi Arabia, in third place in the Middle East region (including the Middle East and Africa).

Nigeria currently has over 20 million tons of cement production line mark, reaching 28 million tons, much higher than South Africa's 18.3 million tons. Cement consumption also maintained strong growth, despite the impact of the floods in 2012, or an increase from 2009's 14.8 million tons to 18.3 million tons in 2012.

This strong growth has been reflected from the cement company's share price, compared with the Nigerian stock market All Share Index's return of 36.6%, the four listed cement companies YTD stock portfolio returns of 50.2%.

This achievement is attributed to achieve a good cement producers operating environment, which is accompanied by the country's recent economic dynamism and growing students.

As the demand-driven economic growth for cement is still growing, experts are optimistic about the short-term Nigerian cement industry. Medium term investment to increase production capacity and distribution channels can cement producers still have a great chance.

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