Vertical mill helps develop fine cement production
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The development of vertical milling machine is based on the lower coal mill and cement guessed processing power consumption, energy saving mode under implementation requires profitable business development . With the domestic vertical milling machine technology significantly enhance and cement companies falling market predicament contrasts increasingly difficult to break significant vertical milling machine ushered in a rigid application of the cement industry development opportunities.

 Vertical mill helps develop fine cement production

From August cement price, though slightly pulled through September , the overall downturn in cement prices has not been effectively improved the situation . In the global overcapacity in the background, the traditional model of cement companies still seem to achieve market penetration capability too thin. Taking into account the level of profitability under the current situation , more and more enterprises begin to cement clinker production operations shifted from the chain of concrete, gravel and other industries to seek more development .

 Vertical mill helps develop fine cement production

Cement industry chain extending longitudinally , to a certain extent, solve the difficult problem of profitability of cement producers , but the cement industry itself has not made ​​more obvious difference. Innovative improvements vertical milling machine , precision machining for the cement industry to provide a guarantee for the cement companies also provide a breakthrough in the development of new ways . There are 253 expected this year and next production line put into operation . In the coming slowdown in domestic cement consumption further demand , excess capacity is more prominent , the cement production enterprises will be the main direction of the fine profit , while vertical milling machine , in which will play a crucial role.

Vertical milling machine integrates crushing , drying, grinding , classifying, conveying in one, with a small footprint, the process is simple , high grinding efficiency , low energy consumption , low noise, large drying capacity , fine products degree easy to adjust , easy no dust pollution and maintenance, reliable operation . Especially in large grinding process, low energy consumption, low power consumption grinding system 20 to 30 % higher than ball , but with the increase of raw water , the energy-saving effect is more significant. Technical advantages over vertical milling machine , are destined to become fine cement production process in a unique choice.

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