KFD Mill witness the charm of fly ash
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Fly ash is currently one of the larger displacement industrial waste, with the development of the power industry , fly ash emissions from coal-fired power plants every year. A lot of fly ash not addressed , it will generate dust , pollution of the atmosphere ; into the water if the river will cause blockage of toxic chemicals which will cause great harm to humans and creatures. Now, with advanced technology , people 's environmental awareness , ash processing equipment after another, Liming Heavy Industry Science and Technology to create a new milling machine, so the former is regarded as garbage waste fly ash, but now it has turned into a tight goods.

KFD Mill witness the charm of fly ash

Fly ash through a series of related processing equipment , especially grinding mill , which greatly improve the recovery efficiency . For example, using the new wall of fly ash can not only save energy, but also comply with environmental requirements , cool, good insulation properties ; mix together the fly ash concrete for paving and soft ground treatment, not only improved strength and resistance to stress, but also significant savings in cost ; adding fly ash cement , strength increases , quality improvement, became a high-quality high-strength cement, and so on.


Comprehensive utilization of fly ash in the process, the most important part is the grinding process , the grinding process and grinding equipment choice is particularly important , directly related to the efficiency and cost of production grinding . Liming Heavy Industry Science and Technology to create a series of professional build mills , tube mills for grinding fly ash system transformation process , and achieved good social and economic benefits , can increase when the ash pipe mill production from 35 to 40 % , saving more than 25% , and improve the quality and grade of fly ash application prospect.


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