The life of cement silo dust vibration
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Author: Pauline Carter
Time :01-08

Vibration cement silo top filter dust is separated from the flue gases out of the equipment, mainly used for stirring a large mechanical equipment. Production should be divided into ( 1 ) a mechanical force including gravity dust precipitators, inertial dust collector, centrifugal dust collector . ( 2 ) includes a water bath wash precipitator dust , foam -type dust collector, venturi dust , water and other membrane filter . ( 3 ) includes a baghouse filter dust collector and a dust particle layer , etc. ( 4 ) electrostatic precipitator . ( 5 ) magnetic dust . And now is used widely baghouse . Bag material: natural fibers, synthetic fibers, glass fibers, metal fibers. From the outside to the inside of the gas bag , the outer surface of the dust filter bag . The gas from the inside to the outside of the bag , the dust in the inner surface of the bag .

Vibration cement roof collector in use needs attention? This equipment shall be used by unauthorized persons , shop or department heads are responsible for the equipment operator training , and the level of training to be checked. And regular roof collector for maintenance. Use of this equipment shall not exceed the scope of its designed purpose . Carefully read the warning labels came with the device . Do not discard the contents of the device attached to the tips . When the device is running, do not perform any maintenance, repair , and any other unwanted operation during normal operation . Whenever , any of the foregoing , you must cut off the power . Safety and protective devices must not be removed on the device . Safety must always wear gloves when handling the device. At the end of the device to work , you must cut off the power .

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